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by   Clyde Burnsworth

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Thurs Apr 19:  We had 11 total workers turn out today for the annual ATV ride from the USFS to the "top" of Chunky Gal trail and trail clearing work trip down to highway 64 at Glade Gap. With the help from the USFS for the ride and clearing a very large tree across the trail near the top we cruised down and had a early finish even with a few "IRMA" trees down across the trail. Thanks to Michael OBrien, Dave Richardson, Bill Johnston, Steve Dennison, Frank Retter, Rich Sullivan, Gary Eggers, Tom Shope, Steve Jersey, and Gary Carter. We had two chainsaw crews, two brushcutters, and and a big loping crew to clear the way. We were on the 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM clock today which is a very good duration for this trip.


Thurs Apr 12:  We had a big turnout for work yesterday, a total of a dozen workers came out to clear the Jack's Knob Trail. We cleared, loped, did some treadwork, brushcut etc. Thanks to Steve Jersey, Bill Cox, Steve Dennison, Michael OBrien, Frank Retter, Jim Upchurch, Rich Sullivan, Tom Shope, Gary Eggers, Gary Carter and Bill Johnston for turning out. We pulled a 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM shift on a very nice day to be out.


Thurs Apr 5th:  We had a big turnout and a big helping hand from the USFS today. We broke into three groups and went after the rim trail above Leatherwood Falls today. The first group went with a UTV ride via USFS to the rim trail junction near Shortoff Knob via the firebreak and worked to Will King Gap, the second group took the same UTV ride and worked down toward the second road crossing above Leatherwood Falls. The third group worked up from the road crossing and met the group working down. The USFS crew cleared two large trees below Shortoff Knob and also did a short reroute around a large rootball divot. The first group got a ride back to the start point after completing clearing that section of trail. Thanks to the USFS crew for all the rides and hard work. Thanks to first group of Dave Richardson, Bill Johnston, and Michael OBrien. And thanks to the groups two and three of Steve Dennison, Tom Shope, Rich Sullivan, Frank Retter, Gary Carter, and Bill Cox. The first group was a 9 to 2 day and the third group finished at 3:30PM.


Thurs Mar 22nd:  Frosty start this AM and my primary target was to work the Jacks Knob trail down from Brasstown Bald but the gate was closed the last few days due to the snow, instead we took our crew to Coleman River Trail and cleared it up to where it disappears. On the way back we stopped at the Lake Chatuge Trail and did the loop around as well. Thanks to Steve Jersey, Steve Dennison, Tom Shope and Bill Johnston for turning out.


Thur, Mar 15th: We had two crews today working in the fires creek area, Tom Shope and Michael OBrian worked with Jed and Warren from the U.S.F.S. on clearing the Phillips Ridge access road, Bill Johnston and Dave Richardson and myself went up Omphus Ridge trail. The Phillips Ridge road was cleared to the washed out culvert, and Omphus Ridge is clear to the junction with the Rim Trail. We worked a 9:00AM to 12:30PM day and it was a delightful day to be out in the forest. Thanks to all who turned out.


Thurs March 8th:  We had a big turnout on a cool day. We went over the mountain to the Raven Cliffs Trail and worked in three teams, 2 teams working water issues and one team working the manual saw. Saw lots of hikers and also met with Phil from the USFS. Thanks to Steve Jersey, Michael OBrian, Jim Upchurch, Bill Johnson, Bill Cox, Tom Shope, Rich Sullivan, Frank Retter and Steve Dennison. It was a 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM kind of day.


Thurs Feb 22:  We took a shot at Rockhouse trail and cleared up the trail until just below the rim trail intersection. It was a warm climb with three saws due to the work that had been prescreened last week. Thanks to Jim Upchurch, Rich Sullivan, Steve Jersey, Steve Dennison, Frank Retter, and Michael OBrien. It was a 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM work day.


Thurs, Feb 8:  We took on the Chunky Gal trail again today and we got a good chunk of trail cleared. One crew started at Tusquitee gap and with loppers and brushcutters worked north to the USFS road crossing, the other crew with loppers and chainsaws jumped ahead from the road crossing to the get the trail cleared toward the were we left off from Bob Allison Campground. It all worked out and that section is now clear post "irma". Thanks to Tom Shope, Dave Richardson, Jim Upchurch, Bill Johnston and Michael OBrien. We had a 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM day.


Thurs, Feb 1: We had a small crew turn out to beat the rain and did a great job on the Chunky Gal Trail from Tusquitee Gap toward Tate Gap, this section had lots of lopping to do and a bit of chain saw work as well, we got it cleared to the ridge line coming out of the gap with lots of mist and fog but no rain. Thanks to Bill Johnston, Tom Shope and GaryCarter for getting out today. It was a 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM day.


Thurs,  Jan 25th:  We went to Jackrabbit Mt trail and did a little footbridge repair. See the attached "after Photo". Thanks to Jim Upchurch, Bill Johnston, Michael OBrien, Steve Dennison, and Gary Carter for getting out on a very fine winter day. We did a short 9:00AM to noon workday. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________