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by   Clyde Burnsworth

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Thurs, Sept 19th: We got out the hand tools today for a trip to Ravens Cliffs and cleared 5 trees and did some waterbar work as well. Saw a lot of hikers as usual on this busy trail.Thanks to Gary Eggers, Jim Upchurch, Ray Taylor, Steve Pruett and Tom Shope for turning out.


Thurs, Sept 5th:  We had another good turnout and went to the Chunky Gal Trail at Tate Gap and worked north toward Tusquitee Gap. We had a little brush-cutting, chainsaw, and loping work to do and we finished before the heat built up. Thanks to Bill Cox, Tom Shope, Gary Carter, Bill Johnston and Gary Eggers for turning out today.


Thurs Aug 29th:  We had a nice day and a good turnout and a whole lotta brush-cutting to do. We went to Perry Gap on the Chunky Gal Trail and cleared to Tate Gap. Check out the picture below to see how high the brush was. Thanks to Gary Carter and Gary Eggers for the brush-cutting duty today. We also had some raking and chainsaw work as well. Thanks to Ray Taylor, Steve Dennison, Michael OBrien and Bill Johnston for all the work today.


Thurs, Aug 22nd:  We had a big crew and did a little trail head sign work at each end of the Arkaquah Trail. We replaced the roof on each sign and did a little straightening as well. Thanks to Frank Retter, Gary Eggers, Gary Carter, Art Rosenberg, Michael OBrien, Ray Taylor and Tom Shope for turning out.


Thurs, Aug 8th: We had a nice morning to get back out to the Chunky Gal trail and work from Tusquittee Gap north to the wooden steps at the next forest service road crossing. Thanks to Gary and Bill for running the brushcutters all day, we have not been on this section for a while and it looked like it. The crew included Steve Dennison, Tom Shope, Gary Eggers, Bill Cox, Bill Johnston and myself.


Thurs, Aug 1st:  We had a good turnout and went to the old Bob Allison campground and worked the Chunky Gal trail back toward Tusquitee Gap. Lots of trees down, brush cutting and loping etc. It was warm but no rain to bother us. Thanks to Art and Bill for brushcutting all day. The crew consisted of Art Rosenberg, Gary Carter, Steve Dennison, Ted Kelly, Bill Cox, my self, and Bill Johnston.


Thurs, July 25th:  We had a cooler day and a good turnout today and with fresh reports about trees down on the Miller Trek we cleared all of the trail on the USFS side of the boundary. Thanks to Art Rosenberg, Gary Carter, Frank Retter, Tom Shope, Jim Upchurch and Bill Johnston for turning out today. We saw a few hikers today and two were MHH members.


Thurs, June 13th:  We had a light turnout today but we went to Tusquitee Gap and worked toward Tate Gap on the Chunky Gal Trail with the crew we had. It was cool in the AM and did turn out sunny later. Thanks to Tom Shope, Bill Johnston, and Gary Carter for turning out.


\Thurs, May 30th:  We went over to Jackrabbit Mt Trail this AM, and did a little chainsawing, lopping, and a lot of brushcutting. Thanks to Gary Carter and Gary Eggers for the brushcutting and thanks to Jim Upchurch, Tom Shope and Jay Noe for the lopping effort. It was warm but it was mostly in the shade all morning.


Thurs, May 23rd:  We took a short drive to Helton creek falls and then on to Sosebee Cove this AM. A little loping, some brush cutting but no chainsaw work today. We took it a bit easy with the heat building in. Thanks to Frank Retter, Steve Dennison, Bill Cox, Gary Eggers, Tom Shope and Jim Upchurch for all turning out.


Thurs, May 16th:  We took a ride up to Big Stamp and worked the Rim Trail to White Oak Knob, it was a big job for the brush cutters Art and Bill. We also lopped and a little chain saw work as well. Not all that hot up on the rim today and that was a plus.Thanks to Art Rosenberg, Bill Cox, Tom Shope, Bill Johnston and Steve Dennison for the hard work today.


Thurs, May 9th:  We went up to Brasstown Bald and worked down the Jack's Knob trail to Rt 180. Lots of work for everyone today, thanks to Tom Shope, Jim Upchurch, Art Rosenberg, Gary Carter and Bill Johnston. It was not so hot today and we met a hiker on the trail as well.


Thurs May 2nd:  We split into two groups and the Coleman River group was myself and Jim Upchurch and Art Rosenberg. The Eyes on Wildlife Trail group was Frank Retter, Gary Carter, Gary Eggers and Tom Shope. We did a little brush cutting, chainsaw work and lopping. It was just warm enough to work up a little sweat and a fun time was had by all.


Thurs April 25th:  We did the annual ATV ride with the USFS to the Chunky Gal trail near the AT junction, we worked back to Glade Gap and were grateful for the clouds and sprinkles keeping it cool we also were a bit delayed starting due to the road grater on the deep gap road just about tipped off the road. WE just were able to squeeze by. Thanks to Tom Shope, Bill Johnston, Art Rosenberg, Gary Carter and Gary Eggers for turning out


Thurs April 11th: We worked the Chunky Gal Trail from Perry Gap back to the peak. It was not as messy as last week working from the other side but still had enough work to keep us busy. Thanks to Bill Johnston, Steve Dennison, Bill Cox, Art Rosenberg, Tom Shope, Gary Eggers, and Gary Carter for the work today, the club hike next week should be a bit easier now. Reminder: no maint trip next week, and the following week is the annual Chunky Gal ATV ride by the USFS, please let me know if you plan to attend if you have not told me yet.


Thurs April 4th:  We cleared the Chunky Gal trail from the second stairway above Glade Gap to the top of Shooting Creek Bald. The reports of down trees was accurate and it took a while to clear the trail. Thanks to Tom Shope, Bill Johnston, Art Rosenberg, Gary Eggers, and Ray Taylor. It was a fine spring day to out in the forest.


Thurs Mar 28th:  We took a trip up Rockhouse Trail today, got as far as the start of the very steep part near the end. It was a wonderful day to be in the forest today, thanks to Steve Dennison, Bill Johnston, Art Rosenberg, and Tom Shope for turning out


Thurs Mar 21st: We went after the last of the ice damaged blow downs on Araquah Trail near mid trail. Also a bit of a slide area as well, the trail is 95% with a bit of a steep climb in the slide area to get thru, the blow downs are all gone. Thanks to Art Rosenberg, Bill Cox, Steve Dennison, and David Alsobrook for turning out


Thurs, Mar 7th:  We had a fine sunny day to work on the top of the Wagon Train Trail. Lots of work clearing ice damaged trees. Thanks to Cara McKinney, Jim Upchurch, Bill Johnston, Steve Dennison and Tom Shope for turning out. We had a 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM day and saw two hikers on the trail.


Thur, Feb 14:  We had a good turnout and a nice day to work the Arkaquah trail today  

A lot of ice damage to clear but we got as far as the first vista that looks back toward the tower.
Thanks to Tom Shope, Jim Upchurch, Ray Taylor, Bill Johnston, and Gary Eggers. It was a 9:00 to 1:30 workday today and a very nice day to be outside


Thur, Feb 7:  We went up to Brasstown Bald and cleared Jack's Knob out to where it starts down toward the Rt 180 parking area, and just the start of the Arkaquah Trail. There is a lot of damage from ice and wind on every trail near the top of the mountain. Thanks to Tom Shope and Bill Johnston for spending the AM in the fog and mist on the top of GA. We were out at 9:00 AM and back at 1:30 PM