2020 Board Officers


President    Evelin Yarns

Vice President     Kim Blankenship   

Secretary   Sue Astley    

Treasurer        Sandy Jersey    

Hike Planner     Cindy Sullivan    

Social           Tim Holby    

Membership      Margie Hornsby

     Publicity           Laurie Colombo    

Webmaster          Richard Sullivan    

Trail Maintenance   Clyde Burnsworth 

Conservation         Kim Blankenship   

 Past Pres.       Richard Sullivan   

Special Events


The club has quarterly combined business meetings and potluck dinners.  Specialty events are also periodically planned.  We are one of the  largest hiking clubs attending Wilderness Wildlife Week in the Great  Smoky Mountains each May, usually with over 40 members in  attendance.  The club has also organized hiking trips to Virginia, Mt.  Mitchell, and  other locations in the Southeast

In Summary:    Come play, hike, and trail maintain with us! 

Hiking through the seasons


  Hiking throughout the year provides unique experiences during each season.

Spring: Wildflowers

Summer: Cooler hiking at higher


Fall: Spectacular Foliage

Winter: Outstanding Vistas



Emmet Bondurant
Bob Murrah
Mitzi Causey
Richard Johnson
Kimberly Berger
Irene Brewi
Miriam Niemira
Mimi Ackerman
Leslie Wagner      

Hike Safely


 You are responsible for yourself,  so be prepared:

1. With knowledge and gear. Become self  reliant by learning about the terrain, conditions, local weather, and your  equipment before you start.

2. To leave your plans. Tell someone the trails  you are hiking, the gear you are taking, when you will return, and your emergency  plans.

3. To stay together. When you start as a group,  hike as a group, end as a group. Pace your hike to the slowest person.

4. To turn back. Weather changes quickly in the  mountains. Fatigue and unexpected conditions can also affect your hike. Know  your limitations and when to postpone your hike. The mountains will be there  another day.

5. For emergencies, even if you are headed out for  just an hour. An injury, severe weather, or a wrong turn could become life threatening. Don’t assume you will be rescued; know how to rescue yourself.

6. To share the hiker code with others.  




  Conservation and the environment are priorities in MHH. Members are kept current about legislative and Forest service proposals impacting our forests in order to take an active and informed role.


Mountain High Hikers, Inc. is a member of the American Hiking Society, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Georgia ForestWatch, Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project, Mountain True,and Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition.  We have also partnered with  Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition,   Mainspring Conservation Trust, and  Save Georgia's Hemlocks on various projects to save our forests.