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Prospective members and guests are invited to hike with us.    Guidelines allow for 3 guest hikes before joining. Our dues are  currently $20 per person per year, or $30 per couple. Prospective members should attend a a Thursday Leisure Hike first to  determine which hiking level will work best. Click on the hike calendar to see  where we are planning to hike. Come 15 minutes early for the discussion on the  hike.  Each hiker should carry their own personal first aid supplies,  water, food, personal medications, rain gear, and extra clothing.  For an  extended list and to learn what is expected, read the Hiking Guidelines for  Members/Guests on this website.

All new members are required to sign the Assumption of Risk  statement (see below) on the membership form.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability:  Certain risks are inherent in any Mountain High Hikers (MHH) activity.  Each MHH  member, guest, or non-member participant agrees to accept personal  responsibility for his or her safety and the safety of minors accompanying such  persons.  MHH cannot ensure the safety of any participant on hikes or  activities.  In participating in MHH activities, each such person agrees to hold  harmless and free from blame the activity leaders and the MHH, its officers,  directors, and members, for any accident, injury, or illness, which might be  sustained from participating in hikes or other MHH activities.  I agree  that I am solely responsible for my own equipment, safety, and first aid needs.   Hiking and other activities may involve strenuous physical limits and certain  risks.  I certify that I am physically fit and have not been advised  otherwise by a qualified medical person.

Neither the MHH nor landowners are in any way liable for any injury or illness I  might sustain while participating in a MHH activity.  I will and do hereby  assume the above-mentioned risks and will hold the Mountain High Hikers,  officers, directors, members, and the hike leader(s) harmless from any and all  liability and claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, which may arise from  or in connection with my participation in these activities.

This release is binding on me, my heirs, and my personal  representatives." 

 Or to Mail a check  ($20.00 per member;  or  $30 per couple)  with completed application form to this address:

Membership Chairman

Mountain High Hikers
PO Box 42
Hayesville, NC  28904 

 You may print a copy of the application form by clicking BELOW  

MHH Membership and Renewal form (pdf)